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Information Technology and Telecommunications

Health professionals rely on clinical and decision-support information when treating patients and administering health services to New Brunswickers. The delivery of Information Technology and Telecommunications services provides a critical foundation for the effective delivery of health-care services. We are also strong supporters of the Province of New Brunswick’s e-health strategy.

We promote the use of innovative technology and we manage systems and infrastructure that provide accurate and timely information to clinicians and administrators. Today’s hospital systems are sophisticated and integrated with many other information systems. We support and maintain these systems. Many of our resources are used in supporting the maintenance, development, testing and implementation of important e-health solutions for the Regional Health Authorities and the Province.

Our staff also troubleshoots and resolves issues that are called in by users of these information systems. The technology (computers, printers and servers) in use across the health system is also supported by our staff. Our team ensures that data and information are safely and securely stored and managed. Up-to-date technology is ensured through the evergreening of ageing equipment. Data centres and networks are managed and maintained on a 24/7 basis to support the around-the-clock operations of the health system.

We have a highly skilled workforce of information technology, health-care and business professionals. Our team works hard to combine and improve the efficiency of information and communication systems that support our health system. Information system and service initiatives are planned and designed to move forward in the best way possible to support clinicians in their day-to-day work.