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New Brunswick's Health-Care Shared Services Agency

The creation of FacilicorpNB was announced on March 11, 2008. The Head Office officially opened in September 2008. Through successive transitions, between 2008 and 2013 (see highlights), the agency has taken on the responsibility of managing and providing services in the areas of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Supply Chain, Laundry, and Clinical Engineering.

Following these transitions, FacilicorpNB launched a number of initiatives in collaboration with the RHAs and the Department of Health. Among them were the standardization and streamlining of processes, software, clinical equipment, and information systems. We also implemented strategic sourcing initiatives, and consolidated group purchasing activities under a single GPO.

These initiatives have enabled us to generate operational efficiencies and annual savings of $21.5 million (as of April 1, 2013) for the New Brunswick health system. The money saved has either been given back to the Province, or re-invested in the health system as new investments and capital improvements.

Thereby, FacilicorpNB plays an important part in maintaining the sustainability of New Brunswick’s health system.