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New Brunswick's Health-Care Shared Services Agency

Information Technology and Telecommunications

Promoting the use of innovative technology systems and infrastructure that provide accurate information to clinicians.

Supply Chain

Ensuring health-care professionals have the right goods to provide quality health care.

Clinical Engineering

Applying engineering and managerial skills to health-care technology throughout the life cycle of medical devices.


Providing quality, cost-effective, and efficient laundry services.

FacilicorpNB is a public sector agency located in New Brunswick (Canada) managing shared services for the health-care system.

Our mandate is to provide safe, cost-effective and innovative support services to Regional Health Authorities, nursing homes, and the Department of Health. We currently provide Supply Chain, Clinical Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunications, and Laundry services.

We fulfill our mandate by consolidating the management of services; standardizing processes and products to maximize efficiency; developing best practices; and leveraging greater critical mass in the procurement of goods and services.